Monday, March 19, 2007

Mount Gambier

Well here I am with a blog about my trip to Mount Gambier, South Australia. I went there to be part of a Limestone Symposium. It was great to be with so many like minded people doing what we love. It really made me feel that the work I do is worthwhile. I decided to carve a giant ear. The ear hole goes all the way through so this means that kids...and little or bendy adults can yell through it and the sound comes out the other side. I carved Banksia leaves on the other side to symbolise the voice being transformed into 'Green' thinking. I hope you like it...that is assuming that anyone actually ever looks at this blog!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Goodbye Frank

Well today was a very sad day. I heard this morning that Frank Newbery was bashed and subsequently died. Frank ran what used to be our local Grocery Store. It wasn't any ordinary store...but a time capsule from the days before I know Supermarkets have their place but I'd like to think that so did small scale shops run by the owner. Frank was not just any owner but the model of a perfect Gentleman. we lived near the shop for almost Twenty that time he saw us grow...and eventually our children grow. You like to think that once you've made it into old age that you are safe to die a natural death...but to be murdered at 87 seems so wrong...though when is the right time to be murdered? I have posted a painting I did of part of Frank's Shop. I was intending to paint a whole portrait to give to Frank at a later date. If you look closely you can see Frank in the upstairs window